Did You Know?

…that wedding entertainment is drastically overlooked? A successful wedding relies on 80% of the responsibility going towards the DJ according to the ADJA. In a national survey from The Knot, almost 100% of the brides agreed that looking back, they would have spent more money on a DJ. 78% agreed that they would have switched entertainment to their number one priority and sadly, almost all agreed that when planning the wedding, the DJ was one the last steps in the hiring process. There is a lot of responsibility riding on the job of a wedding DJ. It takes more than flashy lights, a beefy sound system or an infinite library of music to be successful. Experience can play a huge roll in the thought process, but don’t just settle on that. A person can play golf their entire life and this still won’t guarantee them a spot on the PGA tour.

With experience it also takes passion and dedication to be good at something, and that is exactly what we bring to the table. Whether it’s researching current trends, investing in top of the line equipment, late nights mixing music or early mornings programing light shows, it’s what drives us.

This passion also presents a unique situation for our clients! We want to share with everyone our love for our trade, and by developing a standard package with advanced features in lighting and sound, you’ll always feel that your investment was a good one no matter what your budget.


Our Standard Package is one that will provide everything you’ll need to keep the party going!

  • A trained DJ who can provide professional experience not matter what the demand.
  • Access to a cloud based itinerary that will allow you to make adjustments to your wedding plans as you see fit from anywhere, at any time.
  • The Flagship Pioneer DDJ-SZ, a controller that will allow the DJ to play a continous mix, manipulate any track on the fly and provide crystal clear sound throughout the venue.
  • A library of studio quality music that is expanding every day, currently over 50,000 tracks of all genres dating from the 1930s to today’s top 40.
  • 2 QSC KW152s each providing 1000 watts of continuous power and a legendary sound.
  • 1 QSC KW181 providing 1000 watts of continuous low end bass.
  • SoundSwitch, An industry game changer in mobile DJing, a software/hardware solution allowing every track to have a pre programed lightshow and seamlessly work with DJ software and controller.
  • A lighting tree consisting of 4 ADJ inno pocket spot moving head lights, 4 ADJ Ultra Hex Par 3 lights, 2 Chauvet DJ Mini Kintas, 1 ADJ Starburst sphere effect light.

More Options


Looking for that sleek and modern look to your wedding? Ask and you shall receive. We have the ability to cover our lighting tree and speaker stands with a elegant white scrim that not only offers a sense of contemporary class, but a practical functionality to lighting as well. In addition to the stands, we also will provide a Odyssey Skrim Werks DJ Facade and a pair of Trusst Glo Totem 2.0s each equipped with the Chauvet Intimidator 350 Spots. Every stand and totem will be lit as well as the DJ facade with a light capable of mixing any color scheme your heart desires. Incorporating your wedding’s colors in aesthetically pleasing setting is the perfect way to grab your guests attention!


Uplighting has been the hottest trend in the mobile DJ industry for the last 5 years. The possibilities of this easy technique has taken world by storm. What has made it such a success, is its simplicity. With a few well placed lights, you can bring a dull room to life. The inconsistencies of a brick wall becomes vivid and adds depth, unwanted curtains or drapes provide artistic appeal. Outside of being aesthetically pleasing, they can help serve several psychological purposes. Having the lights at their brightest as the guests arrive, then gradually dim over the course of dinner is one clever way of setting the mood. Your guests will be unaware of the transition and will feel more comfortable to dance as opposed to flipping a switch going from bright to dark. Shade the walls with a little red, and experience a better slow dance. Brighten everyone’s spirits with some yellows or oranges. Capture everyone’s attention with a strobe effect that intensifies leading into the chorus of an ageless classic! The versatility of these basic lights have become cornerstone of any modern mobile DJ.


When you’re attitude is go big or go home, you bring in the lighting truss to erect all the fire power.  You can choose from our adjustable Trusst Goal Post Kitor the larger Global Truss GP-10×20. Both will come with the standard lighting package as well as Chauvet DJ Shocker 90s Strobe lights,3 for the goal post and 6 for the GP-10×20, 1 additional ADJ Ultra Hex Par 3, 2 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 350s. The Global Truss GP-10X20 offers the option of Intelligent Moving Head Lighting, which takes things to the max!


Pin Spotting Tables a fantastic way to show off your decor! Many times candles can burn out, burn the arrangement it’s supposed to be highlighting or burn a guest. House lights can be too bright and can’t focus on what you really want them to.  That’s where we come in. Not only can we make sure that your tables are directly lit on what you’ve invested in, whether it’s your centerpieces on the guests tables or your wedding cake, there’s no fuss either! The Chauvet DJ EZpin IRC is wireless, has a battery life of 6 hours, has multiple color options and best of all provides enough light for your guests that you can many times cut out the sterile, neon white house lights and create an atmosphere not only suitable for your guests, but one that helps us create the ambience more suitable for dancing. Clinical psychology has proven that the more lit a room is, the longer it will take for people to get comfortable to dance because they feel that the attention is on them. Help everyone get into the party mood quicker and show off your center pieces, cakes or dessert bars or anything you want to make pop with our pin spotting!


Using the Chauvet DJ Nimbus, a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and spreads without rising giving you a dancing on clouds effect. Great for your first or last dance, during the worldwide hit when the dance floor is rock’n or whenever you please, it will leave your guest in shock and awe. Add even more appeal with the additions of floor lights give the clouds colors for an even more stunning and unique effect.


Lasers are always cool no matter who you are, that’s just a given. If you’re looking to set a new standard for weddings to follow, lasers with the help of atmospherics are your first step.  Lasers can offer a multitude of functions from displaying images such as your monogram, your favorite sports team to captivating your guests with a flurry of beams hanging over their heads on the dance floor. Choosing what’s best for your is easy and simple when it comes to this process. The Chauvet DJ Scorpion Dual is a entry level, partially programmable laser that offers a wide variety of preset patterns including the popular “Laser Sky”. One can make for a great center piece, two will fill the room. If you’re still not satisfied with what the scorpion dual offers, then the X-Laser Skywriter HPX-Tour 5W is for you. Offering fully programmable capabilities with a laser powerful enough to stretch across a football field, you’re be sure to drop jaws. This light is the showstopper with its ILDA color mixing that can create over thousands of colors to play with. Add this light to any set up and grab your popcorn, because there is going to be a show!


If lights are the peas, then atmospherics are the carrots, they just belong together. By adding what’s called faze (a mist of microscopic particles that are water based leaving no oily residue and safe to breathe) to a room, our lights come to life and add more drama! Faze effects can enhance a lightshow and create pure lighting excitement for your audience! The ADJ Entourage is capable of producing 15,000 cubic feet of faze per minute. There is no venue is too large for us to handle. Having a continuous and adjustable effect, we can make sure any room no matter what the size feel comfortable for you and your guests. If you’re wanting to be one of the weddings that sticks in the back of people’s minds, atmospherics should be on the top of your list!


When it comes to lighting fixtures in the mobile entertainment industry, intelligent moving heads are the pinnacle! We spared no expense when it came to the ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE. 8 Compact and extremely agile fixtures, these little multiple purpose lights pack such a punch, that their beam can travel over 100 meters. If it’s washing a dance floor with it’s endless color selection or piercing the darkness with its powerful beam that can be split from 1 to 16 in the blink of an eye. It’s clear why intelligent moving head lights are the industry standard when it comes to really putting on a show.


Confetti Cannons are a great touch to enchant your guest at the peak moment. Have the Chauvet DJ Funfetti Cannons Surprise your guests with a flurry of confetti during the peak hour, your final dance or whenever you choose. Endless color combinations are available, as well as multiple finishes to the confetti. Go with a metallic shine to really catch people’s eye, uv reactive really make the confetti stand out in a dark dancefloor.


If you’re planning on having a outdoor ceremony, we’d love to be a part of it. Using the Fender Passport Venue, we can have up to 10 channels to accommodate several types of audio sources. Microphones will be provided for who performs the ceremony. No electrical outlets? No problem, we can provide a quiet and discreet portable generator that will cover your needs. This is a great addition of sound reinforcement if you’re planning on having live music as well. Helping you achieve the perfect setting at your outdoor wedding is no sweat to us.


In the beginning, projected monograms were static, spread out of focus on a wall, primarily black and white and were cut and dry. My oh my how things have changed!  With the advances in technology, we’ve seen a massive jump in personalization of weddings through the last few years.

Today’s tech has allowed us to create a precise, laser milled custom monogram in the form of what’s called a gobo, place it in one of our intelligent moving head lights and the possibilities stack sky high. Clarity is never an issue with a zoom features that keeps things in focus. If your desire is to have the monogram mimic your color scheme, it will be done. Shower the dance floor, walls, ceiling whenever you see fit in a 360 degree radius. Creating your personal monogram provides one of a kind appeal, and delivers the wow factor your guests won’t forget.


If you’re having a extremely large wedding or you feel that 3000 continuous watts of power isn’t enough or maybe you’re just crazy about bass, we’ve got you covered. We can offer up to 4 more QSC KW152s and if you really want to shake things up, add a pair of Cerwin Vega’s CVA121s.

Check for availability and book us today!