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Soundswitch Explained by the man himself!

If you were to asked me right now, what day it was, what time or what I was doing the first time I heard of soundswitch, I couldn’t answer. But, I’ll never for the first time I read about what they were developing! They advertised a hardware/software suite that offered dj for the first time to program a light tailored to their own equipment and perform as they saw fit. I certainly can tell you the day that I uploaded the first software trial run of Soundswitch! Matt was awesome enough to put me on the beta test software team, where I worked personally with him! Bugs and crashes were common, and as the software became more stable, we began asking for more. It took me back,I was floored! I had dreamt of this nonstop and settled on the idea that something like this would never happen. A fully DMX programmed light show written into a mp3 format. A mp3 format has what’s called metadata. This metadata typically is information such as how long the track is, who is the artist, what album, track number etc etc.
Soundswitch takes that metadata and also adds a programed light show into that song. Using the hardware provided by soundswitch, it will play that light show for you, specific to that song. I can’t begin to describe the possibilities with this hardware/software solution! Elations Entertainment isn’t just another fly by night DJ service, we’re on the cutting edge that major brands are trending towards! Thanks to Matt and the people working day and night to develop Soundswitch, I’m that more confident we’ll rock your event. As of now, I have personally added my own touch to a beta program, I feel honored that Matt took the time to listen to what I had to say and feel very privileged that he went out of his way to offer his vision of what I was asking for. If you don’t know what soundswitch is yet, book us and we’ll show you! Don’t be someone who finds out too late!

Chauvet DJ showing off what’s possible with SoundSwitch!

The professionals at Chauvet DJ wanted to give a glimpse of what Elations Entertainment already knows, in this promo video you can witness a simple lighting show being programed to an individual song. Elations Entertainment is proud to be one of the first to work with this product in the US market! Working personally with the creators of soundswitch, we will always hold the competitive edge over anyone in the local market!

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