Cale Williams – Owner/Operator

I’ve always have had a passion for music and it will always be an important thing in my life. I started out early in my life, singing in a competitive choir, studying the violin and piano. In the late 90’s I found myself drawn to DJing, but never pursued it. That feeling remained as I got older and I finally purchased introductive equipment to satisfy my desires. I was bewitched, and found myself upgrading my setup after a few short months. I practiced and felt comfortable enough to apply for a part time job with a large company, in Denver, that specializes in weddings. I learned as much as I could about the industry and had a blast doing it. Performing for more than 40 weddings from all walks of life, I felt great about what I was doing. That was until things changed by accident.

Following company policy, I received a package of information a week before the event about the couple. I introduced myself to the bride and groom and gathered all I could to get an idea of their vision and how things would flow. A day before the wedding, my manager mistakenly sent me a copy of the invoice instead of a detailed schedule. It wasn’t until then that I realized that the amount of time and attention needed to justify the price they were paying wasn’t adding up. I also felt that the costly upgrades were also extremely inflated as well. After that, it sparked an idea in my head that I would create a service that would be centered around the customer. My belief was that no matter how much the client is spending, this day was extremely important to them. I wanted to be the person the client met and talked with from beginning to end.

So I began my journey into stage lighting, taking advantage of every opportunity I could to learn something new about the industry. If it was becoming certified by the chauvet DJ academy or reading books on the clinical psychology of color and lighting, I did it and asked for seconds. It was and still is a passion of mine learning more about what I can do to become a better performer. With my equipment and knowledge I was ready to begin a company that I could feel good about. Making affordable options available for a person to customize their wedding to the way the wanted it would be my business strategy. Having acquired a large PA system and multiple lights, I was also inspired to create the option to let other performers take advantage of what I’ve learned throughout the years. Providing them with the necessary tools needed to perform at a high level without a massive budget fit well with the business model.

My goal is simple and honest. Give people more than what is expected and to provide affordable means of making a performances more than what was thought possible.

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